zaterdag 20 juli 2013

Welkom op dit nieuwe informatiepunt / Welcome in this new informationpoint

Here you can see the most recent information about my music and where I will play. I also will add videos and pictures. I hope you will enjoy it and give me a reaction.

CONCERT :'Music and energy'
Friday 25 Oktober
Piano, flute, tenor guitar, violin and Alto voice.
Where: Landsmeer, 'DE HOEVE'
             Scholeksterstraat 22
Time: 14.00 - 16 hours
New visitors are welcome
(A small donation would be welcome)

EXIBITION :'Visions of the planet'
Friday 25 Oktober
Where: Landsmeer, 'DE HOEVE'
            Scholeksterstraat 22
Time: 14.00 - 16 hours
A new selection of the artwork of Magda Rappoldt: Dreamlandscapes in bee-wax colours, expressive, colourfull and mysterious.


- New compositions
- Vocalise
- Exibition


At this moment I am working on three compositions for piano Alto voice. On Oktober 25th you can hear them with Magda Rappoldt and me in 'DE HOEVE'. All three are a vocalise.
I like a melody composed in the Dorian scale. This kind of melody is ideal for meditation. The melody sounds best in a slow tempo.

This is a musical form of a melodic song without words. It sounds very soothing with the voice of a woman or a child. This form of music is also what I am working on. I like the combination of a piano, guitar or harp with the voice.

I like the work that Magda makes. It reminds me of the musical process that I am working in. In these dreamlandscapes there is a lot of freedom. The shapes look like animals, things or human beings. But they easily change suddenly into something else. A tree can become a lion and a flower changes into a bird and so on. It's unpredictability attracts me. I get musical inspiration when I look at the pictures, they seem to be 'alive'. This is also my aim in music, to sound alive and to be in contact with the energy in and around me.


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